By this page I would like to thanks a few people 

I thank Paolo Carnevaletti "Cattery Kuorii" 

Paolo is a thank you quite special for you Because first you entrusted me "Buffy"Ah Buffy it is quite a story, when I went to look for it to the airport, I look in the kennel and there I saw a huge pair of eyes watching me; She cried so much in his kennel that already in the car I've taken in my arms and I could not believe my eyes "What superb cat" And here it is nestled against me and I've been able to follow it and I would love crazy ... 

I love it so much this small cat, she is always with me night and day taking his little legs in my arm. As I often say "she is the love of my life" 

Then east arrive N Black Angy and Pasha

Paolo thank you for these two beautiful cats 


Thanks to:
Jacques & Corine Nobody Perfect Cattery
Poalo Carnevaletti Kuorii Cattery
Didier & Olivier Chatterie des Griffes du Destin Cattery
Nennene Chupa Chup Cattery
Joëlle Chatterie le Diamant de Chanice

I conclude by thanking this page , Annie "des Jardins d'Osiris cattery "and  Didier & Olivier "Chatterie des Griffes du Destin" for your friendship. Thanks also to Christiane Leclercq "Cattery Pearl of Venus"

Thanks to the catteries Eden Lover, latin lover & divination for your wonderful cats

Thank you also all those who have small Chareza and send photos pictures.